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Celebrating 3 Years!

Waterclock Engineering is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this month! To commemorate, we are highlighting three areas of growth that showcase how we continue to serve our customers better.


Custom product requests are one of the primary reasons Waterclock Engineering was founded in 2016. There was a large need in the industry to provide customized product designs and modifications that many manufacturers did not supply. Since then, we’ve not only formed partnerships with top suppliers like DMIC, Dynex, and Stucchi—we’ve worked with these manufacturers to supply the standard products as well as specialty products that require high engineering expertise to apply to a system. Waterclock Engineering is able to create custom products that directly fit our customers' needs. Consistently hearing we are the only company to meet these product needs in a customized and quick fashion is something we celebrate. This year, we expanded our team with a procurement specialist to continue to improve our product breadth for years to come.


Some of the most rewarding projects Waterclock Engineering has taken on include:

  1. Design of a 1000 psi pneumatic drilling system that operated outside and above the standard pressure for pneumatic systems due to the customer's need when hydraulics was not an option

  2. Development of a new concrete strength tester utilizing hydraulics at 10,000 psi to allow a company to develop their own cost effective and user-friendly model

  3. Surveyed an old hydraulic system and provided component upgrade recommendations and maintenance scheduling to increase the up-time (efficiency) of the system. The customer has since reported the highest up time and most profitable months in the history of the company.

In addition, Waterclock Engineering has done multiple stamped professional engineering projects over the years. This involves surveying the system down to every minute detail for integrity of design and overall safety for the operators. These types of projects include an extensive engineering report clearly stating all of the calculations and analyses to back up the performance of the design.

We celebrate all projects we’re able to fulfill day after day. Hearing we've not only saved our customers from headaches but also meaningful dollars makes us proud to do what we do.


Over the past 3 years we’ve expanded our company to reside in both Milwaukee, WI and Denver, CO. Our two central locations are key in being able to quickly reach our customers. Milwaukee is a city in the center of the fluid power industry. Denver is in a central location for areas that truly need fluid power but do not have a lot of choices. Even more, the two different locations allow us to be only an hour away from east and west coasts, so we can remain central to all of our customers. This has been pivotal in ensuring we keep quality products, service and pricing for you.

Waterclock Engineering is here to help you tackle all of your engineering needs. We look forward to helping you celebrate successful project completions that promote safety, cost efficiency, and efficiency of your systems. Product needs? No problem. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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