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A Letter From Scott

A letter from Scott, President, Waterclock Engineering

As you and I quickly make our way into June of 2019, I would like to take a minute to send my sincere thanks to you and all of our clients.

At Waterclock Engineering, this year has been a strong start with a variety of projects. You have collectively asked us to help with many unique projects like revamping old systems or expanding into new product lines that better suit your needs. I’ve personally enjoyed tackling the challenges of reverse engineering systems and designing new custom components.

I’m happy to share that we continue to expand to better serve you - adding three new members to the team! As 2019 progresses, you can count on us to keep innovating and providing solutions to meet your needs. Please keep the challenging and demanding applications coming, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do to help. I personally review each request to make sure you are receiving quality service in a timely fashion.

Thank you,



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